Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Post!

Hello! This is one half of the bento lunch I made for my daughter last week, it consists of 2 different kinds of rolled sandwiches- blueberry jam and cream cheese, and jam & peanut butter. I also added a pink onigiri made with one of my rice molds and nori punches. Fresh blueberries on a Hello Kitty pick. Romaine leaf and plastic yellow baran accents.
The sandwiches are made using thinly sliced crustless bread, spread with the filling and rolled up jelly-roll style. I then wrap them up in plastic wrap, twist the ends and stick em in the fridge overnight. (they seem to hold together alot better that way) Then in the morning just slice them and voila! This also works great with egg or ham salad sandwiches.
I am excited about posting new bento pictures and instructions, and I look forward to meeting new people who also love bento!!

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Pimp'Pommette said...

We both began bentos the same day exactly!!! :)
I'm a frenchy bento-addicted...
and I lo°ove your yummy blog!
I'm totally in love with Japan too...
I LOVE the little leaves "Leaf Design Bento Picks"!!! soooo cute*
you have a great bento store!
do you ship to france???