Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to school!!

Wow summer has gone by so fast!
I remember as a child it seemed to go on forever, and now you blink and it's over.
Ah well, on the plus side, it means regular bento making for me : )
Oldest daughter is starting 9th grade this year so I guess I'll have to start making more "grown up" themed lunches for her. (in her Stitch bento box, of course..)

For any of you looking for any new bento supplies, I have some cute new puppy smile design items in my store, and I am also having a giveaway for back to school. Any order placed before August 15th is eligible to win one of the following bento sets. All you have to do is add the word "school" to the notes of your order to enter. The winner gets to choose which set they want.

I'll be posting new bento pics once school starts, so check back later this month : )


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm a reporter with the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto, Canada.

I'm working on a story about bento lunches for kids and would really like to speak with you.

Please send me an email so we can coordinate: dbascaramurty at globeandmail dot com.


Myria said...

Hi Dakshana,

I sent you an email : )

Jessica said...

Love your bloggie! My daughter is definately going to check this out. She is obsessed with her bento lunches and plans to start blogging them as she goes... she is 12. This is such a great way to get kids to eat better. I dont want to link to your blog with mine, but if you email me Ill send it to ya!

BInnie said...

Those are cute accessories! I remember my girlfriend buying some cool accessories from

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i love your blog. it is an inspiration. my son will turn 2 in december and start preschool in january. i hope i have the time and creativity to make such beautiful lunches for him. thanks!

(los angeles)