Thursday, May 1, 2008

Octodog Bento

I was up at 5;30 am again.. and not it wasn't the baby waking me up, it's springtime in Japan so the sun rises at 5 am. And it's so bright I always think that I've overslept. So, ever bright-eyed and bushy-tailed(??!) I set about making this for the daughter.
I started by cutting the octodog, which are actually very easy to make, if you own a knife.. You really don't need any special tools for this job (think plastic octopus cutter) All you really have to do is cut a hotdog in half at an angle, then cut "tentacles" by making 3 or 4 slits at the bottom of the hotdog. When you cook it it turns into a nice octodog. I happened to overcook this guy slightly, but daughter didn't mind. I actually think they taste much better "blackened" Like over a campfire.. ah, the childhood memories..
oh. sorry. the. bento.
The other half of the hot dog and egg are positioned under the pretty, decorated ones. Like so many who stand in the shadows of their famous siblings.. no makeup & slightly burned. I put some ketchup into the orange case for dipping, and stuck some fruit and veggies in there for nutrition, daughter seemed to like it.
On a side note, my bento addiction is getting worse by the day.. I got the most adorable Jelly Belly shaped bento the other day, it is supposed to look like a banana jelly bean. It is adorable, and by far the most expensive bento I have purchased. I will be posting a picture soon.


Ariel said...

Oh I can't wait to see the jelly bean bento, it sounds really interesting and unique! Up until now I never thought much of those sausage/hot dog cutters, but I think I'll start putting them in my bento too--gotta have that protein.. :D

TheGhost said...

That is just plain old cute!

Alena said...

I love your bento boxes!!!!

Alena said...

and are so CUTE!!!!

Ke~REN said...

where did u get ur bento set accessories in Japan?
Currently I am in Osaka and hope to grab some accessories like seaweed chop and sausage cutter etc.