Monday, March 10, 2008

Bear Bento

This is the first bento I've made for daughter this week, since the darling baby son has been waking up every night at 3 am, I have been too exhausted to make anything too cute in the mornings. I don't understand it, he has been sleeping all night for months, and now decides that 3 am is fussy time!
^ ^
I made the bears out of onigiri with nori faces, the girl has a little sakura denbu to give her rosy cheeks. The star shaped things are chicken nuggets, oddly enough one of the nuggets was heart shaped. Cheese, strawberries, and hard boiled quail eggs fill the rest of the box. Oh and the koalas are a new flavor, Pancake and Syrup! Bar b q sauce in the kiwi container.


Sandrine Deleuze said...

What a great blog !!! I love love love your talent and your food creations ;-) Hugs

Myria said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do!