Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Toys

This is my newest bento, coveted for a couple months and then finally purchased yesterday. Here in Japan there is a store called Off House, a second hand store. I occasionally go in to see what sort of bento supplies they have, because most of the kitchenwares are brand new. (I just don't think I want a second-hand bento..) Most of the time, the boxes are maybe $3 at the most. This particular one was $6.50, it's funny because I wouldn't think twice about spending 3 times that for a nice bento at a retail store, but because this is a second hand store,I thought $6.50 was a bit much..lol . But anyway I finally broke down and bought it yesterday. It has a really cute removable divider in the upper tier. And I really love the design on the lid. And because I got a great deal on another box and bag set for just $1.50(!) it averaged to only $4 a box. Whatever it takes to justify my addiction. Wait, did I say addiction? I meant collection. I am a collector of bentos...and bento accessories..
I bought these yesterday too...I can't resist cute chopsticks!

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Audrey said...

Oh so cute, where to buy them at? and I cannot find a egg Ice Cream Mold!